About me

So about me, first of all – I’m not a runner. I don’t consider myself a runner, an athlete, a jock, etc. Health clubs make me nervous, and I’m not the most well coordinated individual!

Second, I’m not a pro at any of this. There are experts out there. Go and read from them, learn from them and then share with others. That’s what I’m doing.

I had an 18 year career in the restaurant industry and spent many days and nights on my feet in all types of restaurants and in all different job functions. I smoked and drank, worked long hours and was usually running ragged and stressed.

After 18 years, I had enough and went back to school to get a degree in IT. I moved into the Information Technology field and haven’t looked back since! My stress levels and blood pressure declined, I quit smoking (YES!) and drinking like a fish. I no longer spent hours on my feet everyday. Instead I spent 8 hours a day in a chair in front of a computer ( or 3 or 4 computers). I gained well over 25 pounds and was out of breath climbing the stairs at work. Something needed to change.

I started running as a way to stay fit and active. I am the father of 3 boys, one who is 12 and twins who are 9. It’s a busy house and I was struggling to keep up. I put on some shoes and started to run. As I ran more, I found that I enjoyed it and entered my first 5K race in 2010 (http://www.energyevents.com/fortvancouverrun/). My weight was coming down and I was feeling more fit and active then I had since I was 20!

After that, I was hooked! I enjoy the competition of a race – I don’t always enjoy the maintenance necessary to be able to go out and compete, but I still stuck with it and have completed several 5K and 10K races.

However, there was a downside for me. I kept trying to improve my times, go faster, push through to better performance. And it wasn’t working. In fact, I was getting slower because I now had consistent aches and pains that kept me from going faster. My shoes were worn out and the running was more and more work. Something needed to change.

I had read Christopher McDougal’s Born to Run and was intrigued enough to read more from others who had done similar running. For almost a year I considered switching or trying barefoot running. Finally, after my last race (Lacamas Lake 4 miler) I made the commitment to barefoot running. I haven’t worn my ruined running shoes since that day!

Now you get to follow along as I learn and experience more about running and staying active without shoes. I hope you enjoy.


Through the trees


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